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Into Stamina (Mittelstufe)
mit Sol Pardo (Costa Rica)

Sol Pardo

Into Stamina The workshop consists in a technical approach to entering and coming out of the floor in a dynamic way. We are going to take the body into a state of stamina, testing our physical limits by working on our mindset. Objectives: to enjoy movement, lots of movement, to get past the tiredness and dance. To understand the pathways so clearly that the body flows within. To use only the necessary strenght because that is all that's left. All of that and to feel sexy!

Sol Pardo Graduated in Contemporary Dance, in the National University of Costa Rica. Since then she has worked with the interdisciplinary group Metamorfosis and she has been cofounder of Colectivo R3M, with whom she has performed and given workshops all along Central America and Mexico. They were awarded as Best Contemporary Dance Group in the National Dance Festival 2017 in CR. She has also received workshops with reknowned dancers such as David Zambrano, Damien Jalet, and Sharon Fridman, and in 2017 she was part of CobosMika Junior Company in Spain, having the opportunity to work with Jos Baker, Guy Shomroni, Samuel Lefrevre, among others... Nowadays she is starting a new project with Laura Morin (FR) called Collectif Sola(s).

Performance Sol Pardo zeigt im Rahmen der TANZszene Schwaben am Freitag, den 18. Oktober um 20 Uhr im Stadttheater ein Tanzsolo.

KARI.TANZHAUS / Salzstr. 29 / 87435 Kempten / 0831-23582
Sonntag, 13.10.2019, 14:00 - 16:00 Uhr

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