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Contemporary Dance (Mittelstufe/Fortgeschrittene)
mit Katia Benbelkacem (Frankreich)

Katia Benbelkacem
Nadine Freisleben

Contemporary Dance Im Zentrum des Workshops stehen weiche, fließende Bewegungen im Kontrast zu dynamisch kraftvollen Bewegungen. Der Leitgedanke ist, in der kurzen Zeit eine Vielzahl von Ideen und Vorgehensweisen zu entwickeln, um die schöpferische Energie zu fördern. Das entwickelte Grundvokabular wird im zweiten Teil des Workshops in choreografische Arbeit umgesetzt.

Katia Benbelkacem began training with Anne-Marie Porras at ESPEDANSE and graduated in 2010. On the same year, she will get training at MONDAP’ART under the direction of Marco Cattoi. There, she will benefit from exposure to teachings from various choreographers. She will then go on to join the company CobosMika seeds in Girona (Spain).

Enriched by these various experiences, Katia begins her career in choreography by creating PrÄk in 2012. The company’s first project is ‘Nipples Theory’, followed in 2017 by ‘Kujenga’. From Barcelona to Luxembourg, the company showcases its work internationally. In the same year, she was asked to choreograph a show for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, ‘De Luther à Luther King’ (from Luther to Luther King). In 2018, she will join the selection for the Emergence Festival in Luxembourg with ‘Mektoub’ created with another dancer. On this project, she will wear the hats of both dancer and choreographer. In parallel, Katia dances with Laura Vilar on several occasions.

Katia also invests in the future of dance, she used to teach at the Harmonic studio and at the Centre des Arts Vivants in Paris. She has been a regular contributor at the Choreographic Centre in Luxembourg, at the National Institute of Music Hall Arts in le Mans and at Varium, Nun Art in Barcelona. She multiplies experiences and encounters with dancers that are either seasoned professionals or about to start in the profession, she constantly suggests new paths and offers a different point of view.

In 2017, she became the director of Art Cadanse, a school for amateur dancers in Paris. It is a great opportunity to build bridges with the profession by displaying a high value for rigour and passion. Her dedicated work with young dancers has gathered many awards at various dance competitions.

Performance Katia ist am Mittwoch, den 17. Oktober um 20 Uhr im Stadttheater Kempten mit ihrer Company PrÄk sowohl als Solistin wie auch als Choreografin auf der Bühne zu erleben.

KARI.TANZHAUS / Salzstr. 29 / 87435 Kempten / 0831-23582
Samstag 13.10.2018, 13:30-15:30 Uhr

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