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Tomer Zirkilevich "My David" + "Sodom" (Berlin/Israel)

Tomer Zirkilevich
Tomer Zirkilevich

Concept and choreography TOMER ZIRKILEVICH
Original music RONA GINAT
Music: Stabat Mater in F minor, RV 621 VII. Eja mater, fons amoris: Largo / Antonio Vivaldi
Dramaturgie SVETA AZRIEL

My David is the first chapter in the ‘Perfection’ trilogy of work about the strive for perfection. It’s a dance theater piece about the search of perfection in art and the moment when the piece is finished; All in an intimate, sexy, funny and sensitive language. It presents the love and agony triangle between the artist, the art piece and the muse. Those three layers of parallel relationship, almost identical but different in their essence are crossing each other and mixed between them.

Inspired by David of Michelangelo, 'My David’ is shifting through the relationship between the choreographer and the dancers as the muse and the material. The reinterpretations of Michelangelo and David’s relationship explore how the beauty ideal informs the art; and how the art can articulate a different beauty ideal.

Sodom the second chapter in the ‘Perfection’ trilogy, is about the fragile line between truth and forgery, sex and violence in a world in which every person is the curator of their own life. The piece focus on the relationship between the creator and the audience; The exposure on stage and the endless need for love and approval; no matter if you want to provoke or shake the audience. Our sodom start with the invitation to dive deep into the “truth” of Sodom, to the distinction that each one of us has about it. Where are our borders? What attracts and what keep us away? What is allowed and what is forbidden? Which part we would like to take the victim or the perpetrator?

Tomer Zirkilevich is an Israeli Choreographer, director, performer and teacher, based in Berlin. Graduate of The School of Dance Arts of Kibbutzim College, Tel-Aviv; Studied theatre, dance and composition at Studio Play and at the preparatory course at the Nisan Native Drama Studio. Choreographer of the Pieces: “Psyche and Amor” for the Falkenberg Schule at the Münchner Kammerspiele; “My David”; “Sachliche Romanze” (video dance); “Infidelity: A love story”; Choreographer and dancer in the pieces: "Like Father Likes Son (part 2),"LOVERS1" together with Shlomo Lieberman, “What have i got?”; Choreographer and director of the piece “Auf Wiedersehn”; Co-creator and performer of the piece “Tigers” by Sharon Reshef Armony; Creator and dancer of the piece “Like Father Likes Son” (part 1); Artistic director and choreographer of the educational theater project: “Lechaim das Leben” together with Sveta Azriel. Received a study scholarship from the Caesarea Fund for outstanding dance-theatre students. Was awarded the Oded Kotler Prize for young artists in Ashdod.

Ronja Häring was born 1989 in Weitnau/Germany. She finished a preeducational dance programme at KaRi.Tanzhaus and her Abitur in Kempten. She graduated 2013 at "Balance 1" in Berlin, a three-year professional contemporary dance academy. The following year Ronja worked as a freelance dancer and dance teacher around Germany. During that period she was part of the first "Crossover Project" with Isabel Gotzkowsky and Salvatore Siciliano, and founded together with Nadine Freisleben the Company "GenerationAndereUmstände" with whom she choreographed the dance theatre "Exit to Endorphia". She finished the professional contemporary dance master "CobosMika Seeds" (Junior Company of CobosMika Company) in Palamós/Spain 2015. She worked f.e. with the Hofesh Shechter Company, Anton Lachky, CobosMika Company and HumanHood Company. Ronja moved back to Germany/Berlin and is working as a freelance dancer and dance teacher. She worked with artists like Alexandra Pirici, TanzOrtNord, Ivo Dimchev and Tomer Zirkilevich (choregraphic assistant and dancer in several pieces and video dance projects). She is also currently member of Cie.PrÄk.

Mittwoch 16.10.2019, 20:00 Uhr

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